Best Of Seattle 2020

Best Of Seattle 2020

Dozens of people were arrested in Seattle and Portland, Oregon, as protests over the killing of George Floyd turned violent, with looters smashing up storefronts and mayors in both cities again . The Seahawks signed 17 undrafted rookies this year. Here’s our guess at the six who may have the best chance of making Seattle’s 53-man roster. .

Major League Baseball season is not currently happening. Except, it is. Sort of. While games aren’t yet being played, they are being . Happy Sunday one and all. We are getting back into football potentially, and that means some more news on the teams heading into those workouts. We will continue our look around the NFC West with .

The stretch of sunny weather in Seattle this week may give way to a little rain on Saturday and Sunday, which should make it easier to pack up your crop circle picnic and hole up in your home with a . Shobhit Gupta who’ll be graduating from the University of Washington’s Foster School this summer, has been named a Poers&Quants MBA To Watch for 2020 .

Best Of Seattle 2020 : The city’s spending on bridge maintenance and replacement is far below what is needed, according to the Seattle Department of Transportation’s own experts. . To help you decide where to tune in, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best social distancing-friendly events, from Last Call at Re-bar to Christopher Frizzelle’s Quarantine Book Club (no prep .

The Miami Dolphins will face an interesting dilemma this summer once training camp opens up. The team decided to stand firm on their wide receiver room amid the improvements the team made . The moment that Pete Carroll coaches game one of the 2020 regular season (if there is one), he’ll be the longest tenured coach in Seahawks history. At the moment, he’s tied with Mike Holmgren .

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