Best Doom Albums 2020

Best Doom Albums 2020

Here’s what 2020’s brave new faces had to say for themselves in 2020, from banging disco, jazz-pop, punk and beyond . Looking for new music away from the mainstream? Here are some of the best underground records coming your way over the coming months .

Uprising (Andy Synn wrote each of the three reviews collected in this post, singing the praises of the new albums by Afsky (Denmark), Odraza (Poland), and Uprising (Germany).) Black, as we all know, . For the second part of this week long doom-odyssey we’re tacking into sludgier waters, tinged here and there with currents of Post-Metal melancholy, so if [] .

There has never been a better time for podcasts. Though the format has been around for a couple of decades now, it’s only in the last few years that they really hit their stride. You might say that we . Wyatt is grabbing the intro reins this month as he takes a deep dive into the Netherlands’ flourishing black metal scene. Turia’s Degen Van Licht shimmers into focus, materializing out of hazy .

Best Doom Albums 2020 : Run the Jewels turned out to be a powerful second act for both El-P and his partner in rhyme, Dungeon Family legend Killer Mike. Three albums in, the unlikely duo is making some of the best music of . Hanford—who went by the nickname Slayer Hippy—is best known as the drummer of Poison Idea in the late 1980s and early ’90s, at the height of the band’s critical and commercial success. His playing on .

I never “got” William Gibson’s seminal cyberpunk psalter Neuromancer. In fact, I found it straight-up annoying to read, but many, including the countless evangelists who recommended it to me, would . Their name is BlackLab and their sophomore album, “Abyss” serves as both a reflection of the world in it’s current state, and a vicious, pulverising lesson in doom metal. Recently, I had the pleasure .

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